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GC-CC-302A Sensor
Features: three-shaft; analog; 20 pT.
OverviewPerformance ParametersApplication

GC-CC-302A High-precision Micro-magnetic Basic Sensor is a sensor that is based on the Giant Magneto Impedance (GMI) effect and characterized by axial acquisition. With a special signal processing circuit, it achieves high detection sensitivity, which can reach 20pT in a relatively stable environmental magnetic field. The micro-magnetic sensor can be widely used in fields such as magnetic anomaly detection, high-precision magnetic measurement and scientific research with high requirements for magnetic field detection sensitivity. Compared with other types of micro-magnetic sensors, GC-CC-302A High-precision Micro-magnetic Basic Sensor has the advantages of high precision, high response rate, high reliability, small volume, low power consumption and strong anti-interference capability, etc. The product uses analog signal output, which is easier to integrate with large user systems and provides higher response rate by the analog signal output.

Performance Parameters

01) Range: ±100,000nT (±1Gs);

02) Noise: ≤20pT/@1Hz;

03) Signal output mode: analog output;

04) Signal output range: ±10V;

05) Signal output impedance: 10 Ω;


06) Linearity: ≤ 2‰ (F.S);

07) Response rate: DC ~ 3.6kHz;

08) Temperature drift: 10ppm/℃ (F.S);

09) Time drift: ≤1nT/24h;

10) ON/OFF repeatability: ±1nT (stable time of 500s)

11) Orthogonality: 90 o±0.1o (three-axis orthogonality mechanical correction) 

12) Supply voltage: ±12V±5%; 


13) Power consumption: ≤800mW;

14) Size: Probe: 60×60×30mm; circuit box: 105 * 32 * 32 mm

15) Mass: 700g;

16) Operating temperature: -40~+85°C;

Reliability Parameters

17) Seismic grade: GJB 150.16;

18) Operating vibration grade: V.H.5;

19) Water tightness: IP68;


20) Underwater pressure-resisting value: 1MPa;

21) Salt spray: no effect on product performance after the salt spray test for 144h;

22) Surge current: ≤1A;

23) Anti-power reverse: power reverse protection;

24) Housing-breakdown voltage: >20kV;

25) Service life: 100,000 hours;

26) Signal output protection: short-circuit protection at the signal output level;

27) Electromagnetic compatibility: GJB151A, GJB152A;

GC-CC-302A High-precision Micro-magnetic Basic Sensor is widely used in: geomagnetic positioning and navigation, intelligent transportation, airport security check, security, seismic precursor surveillance, intelligent manufacture, aviation and marine magnetometry and base station magnetometer, waterway management, meter NDT (bridges and rails), biomedical (brain map surveying and brain magnetic detection), geomagnetic (azimuth) detection, environmental magnetic field monitoring, geophysical prospection, geological mapping, engineering geological research, civil engineering, underwater search and rescue, underwater archaeology, etc.

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