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GC-TS402 Bar/Pipe Flaw Detector
passive based on metal magnetic memory effect; non-contact; non-destructive; online bar/pipe flaw detection device.
OverviewPerformance ParametersApplication

The passive, non-contact, non-destructive online bar/pipe flaw detection device based on metal magnetic memory effect can detect the internal and external cracks and internal stress changes of the bars/pipes. Compared with the existing flaw detection device, it has the following advantages:

1) No need of surface cleaning;

2) No need of coupling technology compared with ultrasonic method;

3) No effect of radiation compared with ray method;

4) Both detection of existing defects and future defects based on changes in internal stress.

Guocang Intelligent customizes GC-TS402 bar/pipe flaw detector according to different specifications and sizes of bars and pipes.

Product Performance Parameters

01) Number of probe: 4;

02) Real-time response time of flaw detection: ≤0.5ms;

03) Measured surface lift distance: 0 ~ 10mm;

04) Positioning mode: incremental shaft angle encoder;

05) Positioning accuracy: axial 0.1 ~ 1mm (adjustable), radial 1/1000;

06) Working mode: continuous;

07) Reliability time: >300,000 hours;

08) Types of detectable damage: internal/external cracks;

09) Flaw detection accuracy: 90%;

10) Quantitative uncertainty of flaw detection: ≤15%;

11) Ambient temperature: -40℃ ~ +85℃;

12) Relative humidity: ≤95%RH (25℃);

13) Power supply: DC12V±5%;

14) Power consumption: ≤2W;

15) Data storage capacity: 512MByte (storage type);

16) Signal output mode: either RS-485, CAN, Wifi or 4G CAN; absolute, relative and incremental measured values can be output.

GC-TS402 Bar/Pipe Flaw Detector is mainly used for the inspection of materials and finished products in the production of bar/pipe, and also used for the periodic inspection during the later use of the bar/pipe.

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