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GC- DL-931 Sensor
high precision; non-contact; online current sensor.
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Driven by the industrial development and upgrading in China, more and more attention has been paid to the safe use of power equipment. As a protective and monitoring tool, current sensor will play a more important role in the future power grid. With its pT-level high sensitivity magnetic sensor as the core, Guochuang Intelligent has developed a brand new current sensor. Compared with the traditional Hall current sensor and optical fiber current sensor, it truly realizes the non-contact online measurement of AC and DC current, and has the advantages of small volume, light weight, easy to install and use, as well as greatly improved measurement precision. Besides the significant application advantages in railways and electricity, it is widely used in other fields.

The measurement range of GC- DL-931 Non-contact Current Sensor developed by Guochuang Intelligent can reach up to 5000A, and the average measurement error is less than or equal to 0.4‰. At present, different series and different specifications of products including 0〜10A, 0〜100A, 0〜1000A, 0〜3000A and 0〜5000A are available, and directional development and customized service are provided for customers with special requirements.


Main Performance Parameters

01) Input range: 10A/100A/1,000A/5,000A, optional

02) Precision level: ≤1.0‰

03) Linearity: ≤ 0.1%(F.S);

04) Response time: 4µs

05) Temperature characteristic: ≤150ppm/℃

06) Size: 115mm (customizable)

07) Mass: 360g

08) Overall power consumption: minimum 1mA and maximum 100mA

09) Communication interface: 0 ~ 20 mA/0 ~ 5 V/CAN/RS485 / WIFI/RJ45 / IoT, optional

10) Isolation voltage-resisting value: AC2.0kV/min*1mA

11) Flame retardant property: UL94-V0

12) Operating temperature: -40℃ ~ +85℃;

13) Water-proof grade: IP68;

14) Housing material: bakelwood/aluminum alloy, filled by epoxy resin

GC-DL-931 Non-contact Current Sensor is a method and measuring device to detect current in a non-contact way using Guochuang micro-magnetic basic sensor based on the Ampere's law (i.e., producing a magnetic field proportional to the current around the current-carrying conductor). With high precision, small volume and light weight, it requires no removal of the existing facilities during installation, nor wrapping of any part around the object to be tested. In addition to being widely used in the occasions where traditional current sensors cannot be used, it will replace Hall and fiber optic current sensors in many future occasions. Its main application scenarios include but are not limited to the followings:

01) Real-time online non-contact measurement of railway track traction current and signal current

02) Long-distance non-contact current test in power cable inspection;

03) Power cable leakage current test;

04) Non-contact online current test in the relay protection system of power lines;

05) Non-contact online current test in the power load balancing system;

06) High-power industrial electrical equipment control and safety protection system, etc.

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